How To Respond To iOS & Android App Store Reviews?

How To Respond To iOS & Android App Store Reviews?

Both Apple App Store and Google Play Store allows app developers to directly respond to reviews. This has now become a whole new channel for customer support.

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Responding to user feedback on your App Store can help you create a better user experience and improve your app’s rating. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of app reviews, why you should respond to them, and how you can leverage your responses to win over more users over the long-run.

Why you should reply to app reviews?

Before the “how”, let’s have a quick look at why you should reply to app reviews in the first place? There are quite a few good reasons to reply to your Apple & Google Play app store reviews.

Stand out from the competition

Majority of reviews on Google Play and Apple app store go unanswered. Don’t be an app that ignores its users. App reviews are a great opportunity to engage with your users. By responding to user feedback, you get an edge over your competitors.

Improve your star ratings

If done right, useful replies can turn a 1-star review into a 5-star review. Use negative reviews as an opportunity to improve. Here’s a great example from Showtime:

Find and fix issues faster

Bugs, crashes, errors, and other critical issues are often first reported in reviews. Use this feedback as an opportunity to improve your app.

How you should reply to app reviews?

Be quick to respond
Keep checking your app store for reviews and respond as soon as possible. Keep some templates ready to save time. Ideal time to reply should be within a few hours, replying days or weeks after the review was left is not a good practice.  

Be specific and clear
The ideal response is concise and clearly addresses the feedback. Don’t beat around the bush, get right to the point and answer the question or address the concern as clearly as possible.

Make a strategy for different star ratings
If you can’t respond to every review, consider prioritizing reviews with the lowest star ratings or those mentioning technical issues with your app.

Decide which reviews need what kind of response and then divide them into different groups such as critics, bugs and low ratings etc. 

Use automated tools to respond to reviews.
An automated app review response tool such as Appfigures makes it very easy to monitor, analyze and reply to iOS and Android app reviews. You can get review alerts, handy integrations, search filters and automatic translations with a good review tool.

Personalize your responses
When possible, it is highly recommended to personalize your responses rather than using generic responses for similar reviews. Don’t overuse canned review responses, your app users will notice this.

Acknowledge and apologize
Bad customer experiences deserve an honest apology. In case of a genuine concern, let them know that you’re aware of the issue, show that you understand their frustration and will try your best to help.

Let them know you’re fixing
Clearly acknowledge the reviewer’s feedback and let them know that you are working on addressing the issue. Clearly tell the user what action you’ve taken or plan to take. It’s especially important if you provide goods or services outside of your app.

Guide them properly
For cases where more information is needed or where a followup would be helpful. Point the user to useful workarounds, FAQs and help documents.

Be respectful
Keep your responses respectful and do not include personal information, marketing language, or spam. Strive for a friendly tone that’s consistent with the voice of your brand. 

Follow up
When you release an app update that fixes issues mentioned in older reviews, include this information in your release notes and consider replying to relevant reviews to tell these users about the fix. This can be an effective method for reengaging previously dissatisfied users.

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Final Thoughts

The key takeaway is to always reply to reviews. Don’t make the mistake of being complacent, because you’ll miss out on an amazing opportunity of customer service that app reviews provide.

Customer service can make or break just about any company. If your app gets a lot of reviews, consider prioritizing which type of feedback to respond first. Following all the tips mentioned above will help you turn negative reviews into opportunities to stand out and improve.

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