Should You Buy Mobile App Reviews?

Should You Buy App Store Reviews?

It is tough for a new app to get downloads let alone ratings and reviews. A feasible solution to this is to buy app store reviews and ratings.

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Are you looking to buy app store reviews for your newly released app but aren’t sure if that’s a good idea? You have come to the right place!

Every app owner knows how important it is to get positive ratings and reviews. They are one of the most important factors that influence your app’s rank and visibility on the app stores.

Your new app is bound to disappear quickly as both Google Play Store and Apple App Store are overcrowded.

That is why it is very important to be noticed and constantly work on your app’s promotion strategy.

Speaking of promotion strategy, a feasible one is to buy app reviews and ratings.

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Benefits of Buying App Reviews

Improves Conversion Rates

There is no denying that ratings and reviews influence download decision. People are more likely to install an app that has positive reviews compared to an app with poor ratings and reviews.

According to an Apptentive report, 70% of consumers check ratings and reviews before downloading an app.


Boost App Rankings

When you search for any app on the app store, you will notice that the top results are the apps that have the highest volume of positive ratings and reviews.

Google Play and Apple App Store algorithms will always reward highest rated apps with top ranks.

That’s why you need a high volume of positive reviews to gain exposure on the app stores and drive downloads.

App stores give greater ranks and visibility to apps with the highest amount of positive ratings and reviews.

Risks of Buying App Reviews

There are certain risks involved with incentivized reviews and ratings. You should think twice before buying app reviews from non-trusted sources.

Fake Reviews: You Can’t Get Away With Them

Fake reviews from the same devices or IP address or from bots with really bad text copy are easily identified by app store algorithms. They could really harm your app and get it flagged by app store moderation.

Both Google and Apple’s app store moderation is pretty strict when it comes to fake reviews. As soon as they detect that your app is getting reviews from bots or identical devices and IPs, they will delete those reviews and flag your app.

Reviews should always be from real users, with different devices and unique IPs

Tips For Buying App Reviews

Knowing about the benefits and risks involved in buying app reviews, you can follow some rules to be on the safe side.

Don’t Go For The Cheapest

There are some app review providers out there who would be willing to charge you 15 cents per review.

The lower the price is, the higher the chances that your reviews will be sent from one device with the same IP or from a bot.

Custom Review Content

If a review provider is offering custom content option – where you can provide your own text to be posted as review on your app, go for that option. 

Don’t rely on the review provider to write reviews for you. The reviews they write might not be of good quality. 

Another advantage of custom review content is that you could use your own keywords in the review title and description. This will further help you with your ASO.

Well Written Content

A good review should at least be of 10-20 words. Generic reviews such as “Good”, “Nice” etc do not hold any real value and they probably won’t impact your app’s ranking.

Safe Payment Option

Just like with any online transaction, there is a risk for fraud. Make sure that the review provider accepts PayPal as a payment option. That way, you can at least get your money back if you are scammed.

Good Customer Support 

A good app review service provider should be able to cater to your custom requests and provide you with any additional support such as customizing an order, specific region targeting, adding keywords, pausing or stopping a campaign etc.


With so much competition on app stores, it is getting harder and harder for new app publishers to get ASO boosting high quality app reviews and ratings from real users.

The benefits of Buying App Reviews out weigh the risks if you follow some basic guidelines.

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