Boost Downloads With These 7 App Store Optimization Hacks

Boost Downloads With These 7 App Store Optimization Hacks

Getting noticed on the app stores takes a lot of time and work, but with these App Store Optimization hacks, you can put your app in front of people who will download it.

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In a crowded app store that is dominated by millions of applications, it is difficult to stand out among the competition. It is even more complicated to get your app to rank high and get noticed.

The solution to this problems is App Store Optimization (ASO) which is very similar to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO helps you to get your web pages to rank high in search results while ASO helps you to get your app to the top search results on app stores.

By using the right techniques, you can ensure that your app is viewed by more people and hence get more downloads.

Here are the 7 ASO hacks to boost app downloads.

Hack # 1: Keyword Research

From an ASO prespective, keyword research is the process by which you research popular search terms that people type into the search bar on app stores and include them strategically in your app’s landing page so that your app appears higher when someone searches for those terms.

Let’s assume that you have a video downloader app that you want to optimize. The goal of your keyword research should be to identify the search terms that people would type if they were looking for a video downloader app.

Here are some of the useful tools for doing keyword research.

Use search suggestions for keyword ideas:
This hack works like this. First, you think of some keywords that you know are going to return good results for your app. So let’s say you have a video downloader app, and ‘video downloader’ is obviously going to be your primary short tail keyword.

Next, you type ‘video downloader’ into the Google Play Store or Apple App Store search bar and see what search suggestions list comes up. This search terms list is based on the most popular search terms that users have actually searched for!

Boost Downloads With These 7 App Store Optimization Hacks

Search suggestions also gives you common misspellings and typos as well, so you can try this with a couple of related keywords in your niche.

Use App Annie to spy on your competitors: App Annie is a great tool that you can use to discover keyword ideas and track top keywords for every app out there. The free version of App Annie is powerful enough to get important insights that you need to start out.

Put keywords in app title and description: Once you have a list of competitive keywords, incorporate them into the app title and description. 

Make sure you don’t go overboard with keyword stuffing because keyword cluttering can lead to lower app ranking. Keep the flow of words and sentences natural.

Hack # 2: Conversion Rate Optimization

Keyword research will help your app to get discovered, optimizing the app landing page will convince a user to install it.

With so many apps on the app stores, it is more important than ever to stand out visually from the competition.

Boost Downloads With These 7 App Store Optimization Hacks

Representing your app with eye-catching and attention grabbing visuals is one of the best ways to boost app discovery and installs. So make sure that you app icon and screenshots are aethetically pleasing and high quality.

Hack # 3: A/B Test

The idea of A/B testing is simple: you create two variants of the same app with one difference between them and send half of the traffic to one variant, and the other half to the second. Whichever variant converts the most is the winner.

The most common app store landing page features that you can split test are:

  • Icon
  • Title
  • Screenshots
  • Video
  • Description

The Google Play Store offers its own built-in tool for split testing called Google Experiments. This allows you to run A/B tests from within the Google Play Console. 

Apple’s App Store, however, does not offer this option. Instead, you can either test on your app’s website landing page, or use a third-party software such as SplitMetrics.

The key is to never stop trying out different designs and copy to constantly measure and optimize your conversion rate.

Hack # 4: Ratings & Reviews

App ratings and reviews are one of the most important factors that influence an app’s ranking. In fact, your app rank is drastically affected by the number of positive and negative reviews you receive.

Ratings and reviews also influence an app’s conversion rate as people are more likely to install an app that has positive reviews and ratings.

You can encourage users to leave feedback by sending them push notifications or in-app pop-ups – asking them to rate their experience.

Alternatively, if your app is still new and you are struggling with getting reviews and ratings for your app, you can consider buying app reviews

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Hack # 5: Localization

This hack is super easy and effective. All you have to do is translate some elements of your app’s landing page (download page) into different languages or incorporating certain cultural elements for different countries that your app is available in.

Boost Downloads With These 7 App Store Optimization Hacks

You don’t have to translate the whole app at first. Instead, you can try localizing small things such as app store text, screenshots or videos to see if there’s enough heat in a specific region and localize the whole app later. 

Localizing will not only help your app to earn better ranking for foreign keywords but also to convert well for different regions.

Hack # 6: Categorize

Choosing suitable category for your app will help users who browse apps by category to find your app easily.

Also, ranking higher in a specific category will help your app in building authority especially if the category isn’t very competitive.

Boost Downloads With These 7 App Store Optimization Hacks

Pick a category that describes your app well and if possible, one that has the least competition to have a better chance of ranking to the top.

Hack # 7: Marketing

With so many apps on the app stores, it is getting harder and harder for new apps to get noticed organically.

It is crucial for most of the new apps to spend money to raise awareness, drive traffic and getting installs.

App Campaigns: If you have an Android app on the Google Play Console, you can try Google’s Universal App Campaign. If your app is on Apple App Store, you can try running Apple Search Ads.

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram are one of the most effective social media marketing platforms for driving app installs and engaging users. High-quality content marketing and leveraging the power of audience targeting can help you generate tons of traffic to your app.

Influencer Marketing: Influencer marketing is a great marketing strategy that relies on the trust and credibility that social influencers have gained over time to promote an app in a certain niche.

These days, a lot of brands are reaching out to influencers to help them increase brand awareness and build credibility and trust.

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Final Thoughts

Boosting mobile app downloads through different App Store Optimization (ASO) hacks requires attention to detail and a holistic approach. Your task is not only to create a great app that delivers value but to also consistently work on ways to get it noticed. ASO hacks that we have discussed above can help you put your app in front of people who want to download it.

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So let’s get optimizing!