App Ratings & Reviews: How They Affect ASO?

App Ratings & Reviews: How They Affect ASO?

Ratings & Reviews are one of the most important factors that affect ASO. They can greatly impact your app’s conversion rate and visibility on the app store.

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It is a common misconception that App Store Optimization is all about keywords and graphics. In reality, app rankings are driven by a variety of factors such as title, description, screenshots, downloads, ratings and reviews, etc.

While text optimizations help users find your app among thousands of competitors, graphic optimization and positive user feedback will convert those visitors into installers.

Ratings and reviews are the social proof that determines your app’s success on an app store. People are drawn to highly rated apps and read reviews to see if an app is worth downloading.

But they are not only there to influence download decisions. They also affect your app’s search rankings.

According to an Apptentive report, 40% of users said that they trust reviews more than personal recommendations.
According to an Apptentive report, 40% of users said that they trust reviews more than personal recommendations.

Alright I get it, but how do I get reviews on my app?

Now that you are familiarized with the importance of app reviews and ratings, you might ask how do I get people to actually find my app, download it, and leave a positive review?

And that’s where things start getting complicated. You see, in order to get people to leave positive ratings and reviews on your app, you need them to find and download the app first.

And in order for them to find and download the app, you need to rank higher and have positive ratings and reviews to convince them. Sounds like a chicken and egg problem? Let’s try to simplify things.

There are two possible ways you can get ratings and reviews for you app. The easy way and the hard way. Let’s start with the hard way first. We will save the best for the last.

The Hard Way - Slow and Steady Growth

This is the tried and tested method. It works great but it takes time, effort and patience. This technique is recommended if you want to play the slow and steady game for the long-run.

Here are 3 most important things you need in order to get ASO boosting ratings and reviews.

1. Create Value

Your app must be of real value for the user. Call it unique selling proposition, product market fit or whatever you want. The key is to be good at something while being unique in your own way.

It doesn’t have to be something huge. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel or be the next Uber. Your unique value could be as small as a better design or a simple user interface.

Ask yourself this: There are so many options on the app store, why should someone download my app and not my competitors’?

2. Drive Traffic

Your app could be the best thing that ever happened since the internet boom but what good is it when people can’t even find it?

That’s where marketing comes into play. Leverage the power of organic and paid acquisition channels to create awareness and send people to you app’s landing page.

3. Convert

Now that you have people visiting your app’s page, use CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) tactics to convince those people to smash that install button.

Use compelling graphics, write a convincing short description and wait for the rating and reviews to kick in.

Source: Apptentive – The more and better ratings and reviews you have, the more downloads you will get.

Now that we have covered the hard way, let’s check out the easy way of getting app ratings and reviews.

The Easy Way - Buy App Reviews

So you have just launched your app and you need some positive ratings and reviews so that app stores start liking your app and ranking it higher?

And you want to achieve this without breaking your bank? Well, in that case, your best bet is to buy ratings and reviews.

Wait, can I buy ratings and reviews?

The short answer is YES! But you have to tread carefully. When you are buying ratings and reviews for your app, you need to make sure that:

  • The ratings & reviews are from actual people, not bots.
  • The ratings & reviews are high quality and keyword focused.
  • The ratings & reviews are geographically scattered with unique devices, IP’s and IMEI.
  • People don’t uninstall your app as soon as they leave a rating or review.

With ReviewCroc, we have addressed these issues. We have created a platform where you can buy app reviews without facing any of the issues mentioned above.

We make sure that you get authentic and high quality reviews from real users that are 100% safe.

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Bottom Line

Getting app reviews from users is not a walk in the park. Try to continuously update and improve your application and don’t force your users for a positive feedback. If you are new and want to boost your app’s ranking quickly, you can consider buying app reviews.